Road Casualty Annual Report

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Key points

Overall in 2018, fatal and seriously injured casualties in Suffolk continue to mirror the national trend of ‘flatlining’ since 2012, where previously the progress in reduction of casualties was more substantial.

There has been a 6% reduction in casualties from 2017 to 2018, almost 50% fewer fatalities but a slight increase in serious casualties. The significant reduction in fatalities is likely to be an anomaly, 2019 figures (by October) are in line with previous years.

Casualty rates per billion vehicle miles travelled have reduced year on year since the 2010-14 average by 29%. This trend is seen is other authorities in the East of England with Luton being the exception, nationally the reduction is 22%.

The reductions in the number of cyclists and motor cyclists, pedestrian casualties, whilst lower than previous years, maintain an overall flat trend. Older road users display a slight upward trend, which while very minimal is likely to reflect the increase in the older population in the county going forward.

For more information, download the Suffolk Road Casualty Report 2018 PDF, (1.8MB).


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