Challenge yourself to be a better, smoother, more accurate and safer rider - and have a lot more fun in the process! Why not take a  Hugger course!? 

What is involved?

We will focus the training on whatever areas you wish to work on. It is totally customer centred.

  • Do you want to improve your bend work? No problem!
  • Does your overtaking needing some sharpening up? No problem!
  • Concerned about riding in the rain? No problem!

Perhaps you want a general check on all aspects of your riding, we can accommodate that too. If you are a learner: no problem, although we can’t prepare you for your test.

A Hugger course is whatever YOU need it to be.

The training will take place at a mutually convenient time and last for 90 minutes on a 1:1 ratio at a bargain price of just £40. If you wish to book for additional training it will be priced at £25 per hour.


Book a 1:1 Session

What is Hugger?

Hugger, named after a rear mudguard on a motorcycle, has been supporting the safety of riders in Norfolk for some time. Suffolk Roadsafe has joined in and will be using the campaign to further support our work with moped, scooter, and motorcycle riders of all ages.

Nationally, motorcyclists are at an elevated risk on the roads. They make up 0.9% of the traffic but they account for 21% of killed and seriously injured casualties.

Whilst casualty rates have decreased in the last decade, it is apparent that certain groups are particularly at risk. For instance, mopeds are three times more like than cars to be involved in an injury collision, with motorbikes as a single group at double the risk.

Motorcycle user casualty rates in Suffolk are higher than the national rate and those of its neighbouring authorities. There has been an 11% reduction in motorcycle user casualties since 2008, but there remains a high severity ratio, with 32% of motorcycle casualties being killed or seriously injured.  Further insight into Suffolk motorcycle riders has been provided in a separate detailed report, available in the 'useful links' section. 

Hugger will be targeting riders AND drivers, so that mutual safety and skills development is encouraged.

Suffolk Hugger